Ethical Tea

The foundation of our company goes beyond just been organic & fairtrade certified tea manufacture. Ethical Teas (Pvt) Ltd joined hands with SOFA - Small Organic Farmers’ Association producer group to offer 100% transparent organic & fairtrade certified teas with core values of creating sustainable value stream.

Value Stream

We work with more the 1200 + small organic & fairtrade certified who have been practicing organic tea cultivation for the last 20 years. All our small farmers are located in the central region of Sri Lanka and we come under mid grown tea manufactures. We have very unique partnership with our farmers that go beyond fairtrade concept. We are not in a business where we try to make profits by buying low prices green leaves and selling at poor quality standards. Our farmers produce only highest quality 100% transparent organic green leaves and sell at competitive pricing with finest quality to meet our individual customers. In addition, we share our knowledge, expertise, ideas, values & profits with our farmers to make our supply chain a sustainable value stream.


To be the world preferred Ceylon Organic & Fairtrade Tea producer & supplier.


Creating customized Organic & Fairtrade teas with different taste profiles & standards to suit tea lovers around the world while making transparent & sustainable business entity for the entire value chain.


Our company was founded by four pillars that drive us to give back and to grow together concepts which allows us to perform our four values “Planet, People, Passion, Precision” throughout the value stream so that everyone will benefit from our business activities. Come visit us producers and see the real picture through your own eyes.

Value Stream Chain

“From Farm to Cup – A Tale of Fairtrade Tea Producer”

Who we are!

Ethical Teas (Pvt) Ltd is a passionate company who is devoted in manufacturing high quality Ceylon Organic & Fairtrade certified Black, Green & White teas.

As a devoted Organic & Fairtrade certified Tea Company, we strictly adhere to international Organic standards, Sri Lankan Tea Board standards & practice Fairtrade concept throughout our value chain to create a sustainable business model in the long run. To strengthen our transparent business activities we are equipped & certified under EU Organic, USDA/NOP, Bio Suisse, Demeter, ISO 22 000, Fairtrade & SPP certifications.

Our factory is surrounded by more than 1200 + small organic & fairtrade certified teas farmers who live & farm within 25 Km radius. Due to this unique geographical establishment we receive fresh Organic green leaves from our farmers quickly everyday to manufacture the high quality Ceylon Organic Teas.

Uniqueness & Strengths

  • Organic is Organic! NO mix up & NO contamination!
  • Our teas are “Single Origin Pure Ceylon Organic Teas”
  • NO Tea Auction. We are a direct manufacture & director exporter. We know our traceability from farm to cup.
  • Directly sourced from 1200 + small organic tea farmers who have been practicing organic tea cultivation for last 2 decades.
  • We pay addition 10% on top of highest regional green leaves prices for our small farmers thus securing their sustainable income.
  • Single entity that covers sourcing, manufacturing & exporting which eliminate any sort of cross contamination.
  • Use of 100% steam for heat generation as a source for drying teas.
  • Sharing part of profits with small farmers allows us to strengthen “Sustainable organic tea farming” while developing their lives.
  • Our company thrives on People, Planet & Profits which allows us to go beyond fairtrade concepts to share our wealth with the farmers to have a sustainable farming mechanism.