Organic Green Tea

Organic Fairtrade Green Tea – Green Tea is made from leaves of tea plant (Camellia sinensis) and it does not go through a process of withering or oxidation thus giving a sweet & fruity taste with very sip. Green Tea have the capability of providing many health benefits such as increasing immune system, boots metabolism which are hard to find in other beverages in the market.

Organic Green Tea 2 (OGT2) - Leaf is similar to OP. A well twisted whole leaf but smaller and more wiry than OGT1.

Organic Green Tea one special (OGT1SP) = One of the most demand green tean in french and swiss markets.

Organic Green Tea Cha Broken (OGTCB) - Broken leafy grade but smaller than OGTSP.

Organic Green Tea Special (OGTSP) - Broken leaf ideal for pyramid tea bagging with fruit pices and herbs.

Organic Green Tea 3 (OGT3) - Leaf is similar to FBOP1. Well twited and semi leaf. Highly demand in european region its unique taste profile and character.

Organic Green Tea 1 (OGT1) - Leaf is smilar to OP1. Larger long bold leaf tea with air twist consist of slight open leaf pieces. Very light green color cup.

Organic Green Tea Green Fannings (OGTGF) - Similar to BOPF and this highly demanded and ideal for tea bagging with or without flavours.

Organic Green Tea Dust 1 (OGTTD1) - This grade is the smallest of particles and smaller than fanning's leaves. Ideal for tea bagging.