Organic certified teas are produced free of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. Hence when handling Organic teas from farm level to final cup of tea, it required proper quality control methods and it is essential to maintain 100% accurate traceability.

Our producers practice organic tea cultivation for the last 20 years giving us the assurance free of chemical, herbicides and pesticides green leaves. To assure such claims, our producers are certified with EU Organics, NOP, Bio Suisse, Naturland, JAS and Demeter certificates while they analysis fresh green leaves directly from farmers through GBA Germany for chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. To achieve such recognition for been supplying Organic green leaves for last 20 years, our producer group train, educate & share knowledge with their small farmers constantly to meet the world organic demands and while maintaining international organic standards.

Supplying 100% transparent Organic certified teas is a challenge and we can not do it alone. Both SOFA & Ethical Teas work hand in hand to support our ultimate goal of provide true organic teas to our customer while creating a sustainable value stream from small farmers to end consumer.

At Ethical Teas organic tea factory, we make sure that received green leaves treated with care and organically process to meet the customer specifications while maintaining all international food safety measure. To perform such goal, we are certified with EU Organic, NOP, Bio Suisse, Demeter & ISO 22000 standards. To create confidences about our organic certified teas, we analyze our teas in number of international accredited labs such GBA Germany, Phyotocontrol France & TLR Labs in Netherlands.