What is Organic Cultivation?

Organic cultivation or farming is consider as farming who do not use any chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides for their cultivating purpose. SOFA Small Organic Farmers’ Association is the oldest & largest Organic producer group in Sri Lanka who practice organic farming focusing on the sustainability and protection of the environment. In addition, not using any chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides does not recognize you as a organic farmer but maintaining international organic standards & 100% accurate & transparent traceability is highly important when it comes to Organic cultivation.

SOFA & Ethical Teas Partnership

We have exclusive partnership where we work hand in hand to bring the 100% transparent organic teas from small organic & fairtrade certified farmers in Sri Lanka. In this joint journey we bring out core values to promote, share & sustain our value stream so that we can create sustainable ecosystem and farmer development accordingly.

Openness – Ethical Teas and SOFA share more than just buying & selling Organic green leaves. We share our knowledge, production details, export details, fairtrade premium details & farmer developments data. This way we all understand how well we can develop together as a producer group & business entity while securing sustainable farmer development & growth in future.

Higher Sustainable Price – Ethical Teas pay higher organic prices for green leaves to develop & motivate organic tea cultivation so that as a producer SOFA can develop organic farmers to meet the ever changing organic standards effectively.

Profit Sharing – Ethical Teas agreed portion of its profits to share with SOFA producer group so that sustainable small farmer development can be continued future. This is because without producers’ world can not have sustainable growth. Most importantly without framers world food chain will collapse.